Finding and Claiming NIPOST DAS

Q: How can I find the digital address of my home?

Download the NIPOST Address mobile application on your phone. Search and locate your home via the mobile application or turn on location services on your phone, you’ll see the blue dot with your current position. Confirm it is the right place and click on CLAIM. You will be required to provide your first name, last name and your mobile number. NIPOST will send an OTP (passcode) to your phone to complete the process as part of our privacy protection.

Q: Do I have to claim a digital address for my home or office?

Yes. Because all digital addresses are uniquely mapped to each individual. You will need to claim a digital address for any location you want to acquire your digital address for that location.

Q: How many digital addresses can I claim?

You can claim multiple digital addresses regardless of the location. A unique address will be issued to you everytime you claim an address

Q: How much does it cost to claim an address?

Nothing! NIPOST DAS is free for anyone to claim an address regardless of the number of addresses you claim.

Q: Can someone else help me claim an address?

Yes. You can help another person claim their address, but we recommend you use their names and mobile number to claim the address since we map digital addresses to the individual.

Q: Can anyone claim a digital address anywhere in Nigeria?

Yes. We are mapping digital addresses to individuals as against their location. It only means the person wants to identify or mark the location.

Q: Millions of Nigerians do not have smartphones or literate enough to use an app?

We are aware. NIPOST is in the process of digitalising validated addresses with the National Identity Management Commission and the Nigeria Communication Commission. These set of digital addresses can be retrieved with USSD or SMS.

NIPOST DAS and Street Address

Q: Will Digital address replace street addresses?

We don't think so. After all, street addresses work well – where they exist. However, street addresses cannot work where streets are not proper names or numbered or where there are no streets at all. In Nigeria, street naming and management is under the local government authority, and we do not have a centralised administration for management of street addresses.

That said, NIPOST digital address is designed to complement street addresses. For example, to help emergency services to locate an unfamiliar location quickly and easily.

Why Digital addresses?

Q: Will Digital address replace street addresses?

Traditional Street addressing projects are costly and take many years to make progress. The World Bank statistics show that it can take four to five years at the cost of $7 per doorway at the local government level.

Why? The process takes tremendous amount of time and resources. NIPOST DAS allows Nigerians to benefit from improved addressing without the cost, risk and project lead-time.

Q: Why is NIPOST not using other forms of location code?

There are many different addressing schemes today, and they serve different purposes. NIPOST carefully considered existing options before opting to develop its system based on the particularity of Nigeria.

Q: What about floor numbers and apartment numbers?

Just like street addresses which only tells you where a building is located. More detailed information about the location of an apartment inside a building is provided additionally. It works the same with digital addressing. The NIPOST digital address tells you the location of the building and other information (floor number, apartment number, court name etc.) can be provided on other lines of the full address if required.

Implementing NIPOST DAS in other applications?

Q: Where can I find technical information on using NIPOST DAS inside my application?

Please register to access our API to start using NIPOST DAS in my application.

Q: Do I need to pay to use the APIs?

Yes but NIPOST offers conditional free access to accelerate adoption and support our SMEs.